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Easom Corporation provides the following services to support Core Separator system customers.

Pre-Compliance Test Inspection
Prior to customer's periodic compliance testing, Easom Corporation will inspect Core Separator® system and correct problems to insure unit achieves its as-new design performance.
Annual Inspection and Maintenance Service
This service includes annual internal inspections when unit is shut down and measurements of gas flow rate, gas temperature, gas oxygen content, and insulation surface temperature when unit is in operation.

  Core Separator® Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Inspection Services

  • Internal inspections for material buildup or flow path obstructions

  • Ultrasonic metal thickness measurements to monitor wear rates in applications with abrasive particulates

  • Measurements of system inlet and recirculating flows and pressures to insure proper flow distribution

  • O2 measurements to detect and locate inleakage of ambient air

  • Thermal insulation surface temperature measurements to insure minimal heat loss and provide required safety for personnel