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Easom Corporation provides modular Core Separator® systems in two standard sizes, 24" Diameter and 12" Diameter.  Both are fabricated from carbon steel and can handle exhaust gas temperatures up to 600°F (315°C).  For operation above 600°F, units fabricated from stainless steel or other materials can be provided by special order. 

                        Core Separator Model A24E02L00R
           Core Separator System Model A24E02R00L

24" Diameter Core Separator system
    (Two-Module System Shown)
    Right hand, left hand and side-by-side configurations are
    available.  Each module processes about 2,000 actual cubic
    feet per minute (0.95 m³/s) of exhaust gas with a pressure
    drop of 8 inches of water (2 kPa).  Systems having from
    one to six modules are typical.  Easom Corporation provides
    replacement parts for all 24" system components.

12" Diameter Core Separator system
    Half the size of the 24" Diameter system but with higher
    particle collection efficiency and only about 500 actual
    cubic feet per minute (0.25 m³/s) per-module throughput. 
    12" Diameter systems provide a more compact design but
    are higher in cost when compared on a per-acfm basis. 
    Easom Corporation provides replacement parts for all 12"
    system components.

  Core Separator®
Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


  • Modules are shipped from the fabrication shop assembled and mounted on a stub frame.

  • Stub frame is fitted with lifting lugs for convenient offloading and installation at the job site.

  • Units are shipped to site with inlet duct, outlet duct and cones removed to reduce over-the-road height and width.

Core Separator at Fabricator

     2-Module System Leaving
         Fabrication Shop

Core Separator Installed

    2-Module System in Place
       with Inlet and Outlet
         Ductwork Installed