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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions about Core Separator® systems.

Q: What information is needed for a quote?
A: Maximum expected gas flow rate and gas temperature.
    Information about space limitations or other special
    conditions is also helpful. 

Q: What information is need to predict performance?
A: Core Separator systems are centrifugal devices so
    information about the inlet particle size distribution data is
    required to predict particle collection efficiency.  For
    existing plants, data from cascade impactor tests are
    preferred.  For new installations, the expected size
    distribution can be estimated based on the chosen
    combustor and fuel to be burned.

Q: How do the Core Separator system's capital cost and
     operating cost compare to other technologies?

A: The Core Separator system's capital cost is generally
    lower than a baghouse's but higher than a multiclone's.
    The operating costs are lower than a baghouse because
    none of the Core Separator system parts require periodic
    replacement. Electrical power needed for the recirculation
    fan makes the operating cost somewhat higher than that
    of a multiclone.   

  Core Separator®
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Other Questions?

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