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Easom Corporation

Easom Corporation is an authorized agent for Core Separator® technology sales in North America and provides complete systems as well as parts, service and technical support.

Core Separator® Systems

The Core Separator technology was developed to improve the capture efficiency of micrometer and sub-micrometer sized particles from industrial exhaust gases.  It uses a unique particle separator in conjunction with a conventional cyclone to achieve high particle collection efficiency.
In terms of price and performance, Core Separator systems fall below baghouses and above cyclones and multi-clones.  That is, they are generally less expensive and lower in performance than  baghouses but more efficient and more expensive than cyclones or multi-clones.  The enhanced performance is achieved while still maintaining the advantages of simplicity and robustness of a mechanical centrifugal particle collector. The system has only one moving part, a conventional centrifugal fan.

System Components

  • Unique cylindrical separator 
  • Conventional cyclone collector
  • Centrifugal recirculation fan
  • Particle collecting drum
  • Support frame
  • Connecting ductwork

  Core Separator® Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Core Separator Model A24E00L02R

      2-Module Core Separator
 system designed for operation
   with an 8 million Btu/hr
         wood-fired boiler

System depicted above shown without support frame legs or recirculation fan.  Overall system height 21'-08" (6.6 m).  Solids collected in two 55-gallon drums.

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